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Make the Web work for your business and scale it!

By using the mindset of the Silicon Valley we help companies to utilize the internet to scale their businesses and achieve glory. "Moonshot thinking" of Google & Co: 10X is easier than 10% improvement.

Our Motivation & Inspiration

Using our joint experience at the internet & mobile industry there are 3 selected quotes of top leaders fostering our inspiration and motivation to establish GmbH.

1. "Find the right wave and ride it"

Quote: Li Ka-shing - Founder Hutchison Whampoa

«Jump on the right wave and ride it» is one of the key advices for decision makers.

Where and which is the right wave for your business to jump on for a long and sustainable successful ride?

find the right wave and ride it

2. "We are still very much at the early days of the Internet"

Quote: Larry Page - Founder Google

Working more than 4 years at Google the experience and insights from the Silicon Valley is waiting to transform your businesses too.
Recommended video: watch Larry Page onstage at TED2014, Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO about his far-off vision for the company.


3. "Big will not beat small anymore but the fast beating the slow"

Quote: Rupert Murdoch - Founder News Corporation

The evolution of the Internet has exponentiell growth - by 2020 there will be more than 7 billion people online and new devices will bring us more opportunities at even more occasions.

How is your business leveraging these opportunities?

big will not beat small anymore


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